Clear Sliding Doors

Clear Sliding Doors

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Height Dimensions:

Standard: 82" Height

Tall: 92" Height 

Product Description:

Included in your kit you'll receive:

  • 1 3/8" thick acrylic door with your custom logo and anodized aluminium edging
  • Anodized aluminium extruded rail system with 3 rollers
  • Assembly hardware
  • Assembly instruction

Product Benefits:

When the pandemic hit, dental offices across North America were faced with the challenge of sealing previously open-concept spaces. The industry turned to inexpensive and highly adaptable polytarp material. While it provided a short term adequate solution to the problem, it distracts from the aesthetics of the overall office. Additionally, these plastic curtains were not made for commercial environments and have a tendency to degrade over time.

With an improved understanding of how COVID 19 transmits through office space, previous assumptions around airtight concealment are being reconsidered. Along with new variants and increased public awareness, dental offices are being forced to appear to provide safe closed off procedure rooms.

The new acrylic sliding door solution developed exclusively by Lumichrom provides a safe and aesthetically pleasing alternative to the standard plastic curtain. The high transparency allows for a more open feel in your office and allows for quick observation of clients. Made from high-quality materials including aluminium extrusion and acrylic, our doors are built to last longer than a plastic curtain.

Order today and receive a free custom logo upgrade on your door. Never pass up a branding opportunity.